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Nuclear engineering and nuclear service

Design, development, construction of  inspection-, handling- and measuring-devices, decontamination machines and grabs, partially designed according to KTA (german standard rules for nuclear power plants).

Operation of Höfer & Bechtel equipment in use including maintenance. Support e.g. in terms of design and construction, process enhancement, CAD-services, even at customer's location. Discussion of aspects and results with the competent authorities.

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Health physics - radiation protection

Development and realization of concepts for radiation protection, decommisioning. Radiological calculations. Measuring devices. Preparation of legal documentation.

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Survey of objects using a 3D-laserscanner. Subsequent processing of the point clouds, e.g. creation of "digital plants" from the clouds, adding customer data to the digital plant (AKZ, health physics data, etc.). CAD-models. Further data interpretation (e.g. fill level graphs, reconstruction studies)

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2D/3D-CAD (Bentley MicroStation, SolidWorks, electronic documentation using E-Plan and MicroPlanET, plant design using AutoCAD Plant 3D), partly with database integration. Training and local support. Management of GIS-data Intergraph Geomedia), programming of CAD-applications, interfaces, controller (Java, C++, LabView, etc.)

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Our special service


Permissions according to §15 Strahlenschutzverordnung (StrlSchV - german radiation protection ordinance) (operation in external assets), 
§7 StrlSchV (handling of radioactive substances) and
§16 (transport of radioactive substances on the road). 

  > Certifications according to DIN ISO 9001:2000, KTA 1401 and by customers (e.g. Paks NPP)  



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