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"IN KÜRZE" - our newsletter

Twice a year we inform our customers and partners about recent projects, new technologies, products and services via IN KÜRZE - our newsletter. Up to now only editions 4 and 5 are in english language (these ones you find here to download), for your first overview you find a list of content of all editions below.  It would also be a great pleasure for us to put you to our mailing list (contact).

Edition 11/08

  • Conditioning of Balduf-filters and other core scrap materials from the spent fuel pond at NPP Grafenrheinfeld

  • Hoefer & Bechtel realizes Gamma-camera for NUKEM Technologies

  • Postscanning: Effective use of laserscan data

Edition 06/08

  • Device for measuring the geometry of BWR fuel channels at Isar 1 NPP.

  • CAD at Obrigheim NPP - use in operation and decommissioning

  • Enhancement of occupational health and safety by use of Höfer & Bechtel-carriage for container transport

Edition 11/07

  • More effenciency in managing 3D-laserscan-data using Höfer & Bechtel Cloudia

  • Optimized handling for core instrumentation rods at Isar 1 NPP

  • Virtual control room of Biblis NPP for training purposes

Edition 04/07

  • AirActivityMonitor and Adapter-Sipping for NPP Dukovany, Czech republic

  • Cm-244 for analyzing Mars-rock in NASA-mission Pathfinder – decommission of α-laboratory at MPI, Mainz

  • Mobile shielding for CASTOR®-casks

  • Simulation for replacement of condensate cooler

    from laserscannig to planned reconstruction

Edition 10/06

  • Removal of pins and rollers of BWR control-rods

  • Commissioning of plugging tool for auxiliary reactor-feed pipes

  • Commissioning of a manipulator for protection caps of the internal recirculation pumps at Brunsbüttel NPP

  • Successful documentation of large asset rooms in a short time


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